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Additionally, our remote Online Notarization (RON) services cater to individuals seeking secure and expedited authentication solutions. Leveraging the advance RON platform of notaries, Bluenotary, our team of insured and commissioned notaries in New York guarantees that online notarization is conducted in strict compliance with the highest standards of security. Experience the convenience of swift and secure document authentication from the comfort of your own home with Remote online notarization.

Based in Suffolk County, Long Island Gold Star Notary Service offers the expertise of insured commissioned notaries in New York, specializing in notary public services. Our seasoned professionals, Spanish notaries and Signing Agents, provide a comprehensive range of offerings, including real estate notarization, power of attorney documentation, wills and trusts, estate planning, loan signing services, among others. Whether you require notarization at your residence or workplace, we are readily available to assist. Utilizing our streamlined online notarization process, your documents can be authenticated in less than 15 minutes, ensuring both efficiency and convenience. Furthermore, we provide the option to digitally sign and return documents via a secure online platform, enhancing convenience and ensuring peace of mind.

Remote Online Notarization


Get your documents notarized in 10 minutes, save time and money.

International Notarization (RON)

Additional signer $10.00

If the document pertains to matters based in the United States, we can help get your documents
notarized through Biometrics.

On site mobile Notarization

$100.00 - $150.00

We come to the comfort of your home or employment.



Notaries can provide an acknowledgment, which is a formal declaration by a person that they have signed a document voluntarily and that the signature is their own.



A jurat is a notarial act in which a notary certifies that the signer has taken an oath or made an affirmation that the contents of the document are true.


Ron Platforms For Notaries

The RON process is highly secure and meets the highest level of compliance standards, ensuring that the notarization is completed accurately and efficiently. 


Power of Attorney

Notaries can witness and notarize Power of Attorney documents, which grant someone else the authority to act on behalf of the signer.


Loan signings

Notaries can facilitate loan signings, ensuring that all parties involved in the transaction sign the necessary documents and that they are properly notarized.


Real estate transactions

Notaries are often involved in real estate transactions, including the notarization of deeds, mortgages, and other legal documents related to property transactions.

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